Hostess Gifts

Talking cute hostess gifts today–great little items you can add to your usual flowers/chocolate/wine situation. They’re all amazing enough to gift on their own, too. Or you could just buy them for yourself and enjoy. We call that self-care.

First up are coffee table books. We love having a variety of these in our own homes, so giving this as a gift would be so thoughtful. Assouline books are usually our go-to, especially for fashion topics. Tulum Gypset is one of their latest titles, and it explores the bohemian magic of this little place that became a see-and-be-seen getaway spot for creatives and glamazons.

Next is this Brightland Oil set we keep hearing and reading about. Made from hand-harvested heirloom olives and able to handle high heat, these extra rich “EVOOs” would be a great gift for any home cook or elegant hostess. Plus, the packaging is so gorgeous that it ends up doubling as super-chic kitchen decor. We definitely want these for ourselves, too.

We might be late to the game on this, but Pottery Barn’s Samarkand fragrance line seems like its everything and more. The description of the scent sounds heavenly and design of each item within the collection is gorgeous–love the clean lines and minimalist vibe. The cone incense + plate stand is what we’d choose.

And last but not least are these beautiful flower cookies by Loria Stern. We’ve seen these all over Instagram and they look as amazing as they sound. I mean, who can resist shortbread cookies?! Such a great gift. But we’d definitely order another box, too…because #treatyourself, always.